Who we are

At Novotema S.p.A. we design and manufacture fully customized elastomeric sealing solutions. 


We assist the customer throughout the whole process, from the co-design of the gasket to the construction of the mold, and delivery of the finished goods.


We produce medium to high quantities for a wide range of markets and applications. 

Novotema Dall'alto

Our Vision

The name Novotema has a Greek origin, literally meaning “new philosophy”.

We want to embody this meaning through  innovations in rubber and elastomeric molding.

We do this by creating unique products, designed with a focus on “customer obsession”. Our idea of innovation leads us to develop solutions which can improve the efficiency and quality of our final products, generating value for our customers.


Our Mission

Our sealing solutions are the “heartbeat” of our customers’ products.

We take a critical approach, applying a rigorous and scientific method to offer precise solutions. We make products with the same care and attention to detail as artisans who prepare tailor-made clothes. We work with the utmost honesty and transparency , not only towards our customers and their needs, but to our teams who live and breathe our company values every day.

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Our values

Innovazione (1)


Innovation, the progress and study of new solutions to bring to the market is a fundamental part of Novotema’s identity, as per the etymology of our company name (Novo + Tema:  “new philosophy” from Greek).

Innovation is central to our design and production processes. We apply a detailed scientific approach as we focus on bringing unique and valuable products to the market.

Etica E Rispetto

Ethics and respect

We believe that the best way to achieve great results is through respect for people, their needs and their values, be they customers, suppliers or colleagues. We work in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and diversity. We are honest and transparent with our customers, attentive to rules and safety, and being considerate to environmental, cultural and religious topics.

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Our values



The solutions we design and produce are centered on the specific requests of each customer. This is why we don’t have product catalogs. Each phase  of the process, from co-design and material choice to molding and finishing , is customized to the needs of the client.

We have a high level of specialization in the molding of elastomeric materials. Through material laboratory tests, finite element analysis and the advanced technical skills of our highly qualified staff, we can offer our customers the highest standards in quality.

Risorse Umane

Human Resources

We believe that people are the real assets of a company. That’s why we will continue to develop and invest in people, as they are the ones who make the difference for our customers.

We run both professional and personal growth paths for our employees and adopt organizational solutions that allow to improve the balance between life and work for our employees. We are always striving for a better qualified , more inclusive team, as we aim for continuous growth together.

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The Novotema difference

Why Novotema? Here are some reasons why our customers choose us.

  • International attitude: We are part of an international group characterized by an entrepreneurial approach that leaves great decision-making independence to its companies. Being part of such an organization allows us to adhere to our values and continue making a difference in terms of technological innovation.
  • Scientific approach: We analyze the requests of every single customer to create solutions in line with their unique needs, feeding into a scientific approach throughout the entire design and production process. We collaborate with universities and research centers on specific tests, helping us to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability.
  • Responsibility: We are led by a strong sense of ethics and responsibility towards customers, collaborators and our environment. Our solutions are designed and built with serious consideration to the end quality and long term, reliable performance of the products. We are customer obsessed, problem solvers, paying attention to the smallest details and monitoring quality at every stage of the project.
  • Uniqueness: We create unique products, designed and manufactured, completely tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer.
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Quality & Safety

Our motto is “Safety First, Quality Always”!

In the search for continuous improvement, we are committed to the highest standards in quality, health and safety and respect for the environment.

Quality is a key theme throughout all our processes. It begins with an accurate search for suppliers and constant monitoring of their performances, and continues with incoming quality control, production and final delivery.

Our Quality System provides a continuity plan to protect our business and every one of our customers.

Quality never ends, we continually give ourselves new goals to improve.

Our Integrated Quality Management System also applies to environmental safety and sustainability.

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