Our sealing solutions:

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Fully customized elastomeric sealing solutions.


Customized sealing solutions



We know how important a sealing solution is: that's why we take a critical approach, applying a rigorous and scientific method throughout all our process.


The heartbeat of your project

Our design and manufacturing process is conceived with the utmost attention to details in oder to ensure efficiency and high standards quality. We can solve your sealing solutions issues and and we work with you in order to find the most appropriate solution for your needs. Discover what we can offer. 

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Our products

We do not have product catalogs: we produce what our customers need, custom made. Our products are unique and we do our best to make them innovative and high performing in order to create added value for our customers.  

Novot 0302


The membrane is a selective barrier with elastic properties and generally has a reduced thickness.

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Novot 0335

Lip seals

Lip seals are used in a wide range of dynamic applications.

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Novot 0363


Frame seals are generally used for static applications.

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Novot 0324


A shutter is a component used to control or prevent the passage of a gas or fluid.

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Novot 0353


The bellows is an extensible and deformable element.

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Passacavi Mix 3 Tipi Neri 2


Elastomeric fairleads are used to convey one or more cables.

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Novot 0383


The washer is a sealing solution with square or rectangular section.

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Novot 0374


O-ring are elastomeric rings with a circular section: definitely the most known and used gasket in the world.

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Novot 0322

Special gaskets

Fully customized solutions to comply with all your application requirements.

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Who we are


At Novotema S.p.A. we design and manufacture fully customized elastomeric sealing solutions. We assist the customer throughout the whole process, from the co-design of the gasket to the construction of the mold, and delivery of the finished goods.


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Novot 0145 (1)
Monday,15 May 2023

The results of ISO 13485 Audit

The outcome of the surveillance audit on the ISO 13485 certification just carried out at Novotema is more than positive.

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Software Rifiuti
Monday,17 April 2023

New waste management software

Since the beginning of this year in Novotema we implemented the use of a new waste management software.It is called Prometeo Rifiuti by Informatica EDP and it allows us many advantages over manual process management.

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Per Web
Monday,13 February 2023

New silicone area

Our new Silicone Molding Area is separated from the rubber molding machines to avoid any contamination between materials, it is also modular and offers the possibility for future developments and implementations.

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IMG 3179
Monday,09 January 2023

New refrigeration system @ Novotema

In Novotema a few days ago we witnessed the spectacular delivery of a new 8,500 kg refrigeration system, which was "dropped" in its site, next to the production plant.

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