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We have cryogenic, mechanic and manual deburring. We will choose the most suitable deburring technique according to the specifications of the project. We can also go for a combination of multiple techniques if required to otpimize the performance of the component. 


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We have an ad hoc tumbling department and the parameters of timing and speed of tumbling for every product are accurately defined based on the requirements of the project.


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Post Curing


Our post curing department features both rotative and static ovens  and is completley digitalized in order to guarantee a constant monitoring and traceability of the whole process.  

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Surface treatments 

We offer a complete range of surface treatments  in order to make our sealing solutions safer, more reliable and as much performing as possible. Among the treatments we offer, we list: chlorine, talc and molikote.

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Sorting is performed on every single sealing solution produced and can be done either manually or automatically. Manual sorting is done by higly skilled staff while automatic sorting department is equipped with cutting-edge machinery that can check huge numbers of components down to very small sizes. 



We pack the elastomeric components according to our customers' requirements. Our process guarantees maximum traceability of all our products in order to be able to promptly and effectively react in case of specific needs. 


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Clean room


We are equipped with a clean room for sorting and packaging of elastomer components which require high standards of cleanliness, such as medical or pharmaceutical applications. It is ISO Class VIII  ISO14644-1 certified.

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Customer Service


Our Customer Service is available to provide support and assistance in a timely manner. Customer Obsession is part of our company DNA.



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