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The solutions we design and produce are centered on the specific requests of each customer. This is why we don’t have product catalogs. Each phase  of the process, from co-design and material choice to molding and finishing, is customized to the needs of the client.


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Support and co-design


We offer technical support and co-design consultancy for your sealing solution. We analyze your requests to create solutions in line with your needs, by applying a scientific approach to the entire process, from the very initial phase. We co-design your next sealing solution based on the requirements of your project, product and application specifications and we assist you step-by-step throughout all the phases.


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Sampling and molding 


We prepare pilot tools and products samplings before stepping to the series production in order to allow our customers to check the products. Molding can be performed by injection or compression, depending on the needs of the project.  Our solutions are designed and built with serious consideration to the end quality and long term, reliable performance of the products.


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Tests and analysis


Our laboratory collaborates with universities and research centers on specific tests, helping us to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability.


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Post molding


Our offer is complete: we assist the customer throughout the whole process, from the co-design of the gasket to the construction of the mold, and delivery of the finished goods.

Our services are fully customizable, even in the post molding phase, in order to respond to every need of our customers and their projects.

Our quality and process control constantly monitor the compliance to the highest standards until the delivery of the goods. 



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