Support and technical consultancy


If the standard sealing solutions available on the market are not what you need, out technical department can support you and work with you to find the most appropriate sealing solution for your project.  

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We co-design sealing solutions together with our customers: we work side by side with our customers' technical departments in order to develop the best sealing solution for their project. 


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Material selection


Our long- standing partnership with many compound manufacturers allows us great flexibility in the development and preparation of new materials, guaranteeing their performance for the most varied applications and projects. 

Thanks to our internal laboratory, before stepping to series production, we can check the compounds' characteristics to make sure they comply with the customers' requirements. 

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Mold filling analysis


We perform mold filling analysis with dedicated softwares in order to optimize our production process.


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FEM structural analysis


Our technical department can analyze the behavior of sealing solutions by performing the so called FEM structural analysis with dedicated softwares. This enables us to simulate the real working conditions of the sealing solution and to predict the way it will react when in use in different conditions. 


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Mold design and construction


We design and build internally our molds. This allows us great flexibility in themanagement of every single project and enables us to reach high quality results.


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