At Novotema we co-design and manufacture sealing solutions for various markets. Our customers come from all kinds of different industries.  These include, but are not restricted to: medical, mobility, home furnishings and appliances, gas control, other industries... get in touch with us and we will find together the most appropriate sealing solution for your needs!


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We offer a wide choice of elastomeric and silicon sealing solutions and components for the medical and pharmaceutical market. 


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We can provide sealing solutions for any transportation mean to support mobility in every form and variation.

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Thanks to our expertise in co-design and molding of small parts, we can offer sealing solutions for furniture market and household appliances. 

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Gas control

We are expert in producing high quality custom made sealing solutions for gas control.


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Other industries...


We are specialized in molding elastomeric sealing solutions in a wide range of designs and down to very small sizes. Thanks to our flexibility we can support all kinds of markets and applications...


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