Thanks to our experience we are specialized in designing and manufacturing small sized sealing solutions suitable for applications in furniture and home appliances.


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Since decades we are highly specialized in producing small and miniaturized lip seals which are used both in pneumatic and hydraulic damping systems in furniture applications.


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I Nostri Prodotti

Our products

We do not have a product catalog: we produce what our customers need, fully customized. Our products are unique and we do our best in order to make them innovative, highly performing to create added value for our customers.

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The membrane is a selective barrier with elastic properties and generally has a reduced thickness.

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Lip seals

Lip seals are used in a wide range of dynamic applications.

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Frame seals are generally used for static applications.

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A shutter is a component used to control or prevent the passage of a gas or fluid.

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The bellows is an extensible and deformable element.

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Elastomeric fairleads are used to convey one or more cables.

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The washer is a sealing solution with square or rectangular section.

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O-ring are elastomeric rings with a circular section: definitely the most known and used gasket in the world.

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Special gaskets

Fully customized solutions to comply with all your application requirements.

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