Novotema is part of CARCO Precision Rubber Products Group

Written By Roberta Guaschi In Corporate
16 January 2024

Great news for Novotema from the very start of 2024!

Starting from December 29th, Novotema SpA has become part of CARCO Precision Rubber Products group.


CARCO Precision Rubber Products is an international group of companies specialized in the design and production of completely customized gaskets in different types of elastomers, polyurethanes and engineered plastics (PTFE, PEEK, POM, etc.) materials. The group employs more than 700 people, with production sites in Italy, United States and Canada and a global sales network extending to Far East.


As part of CARCO, Novotema will become the group's center of excellence for the production of elastomeric seals with injection and compression molding technologies. Therefore there will be significant advantages in how Novotema can continue to serve its customers, including the ability to supply original and customized seals produced to the highest standards, through a global sales network.


The Novotema Management Team has been entirely confirmed and the new Novotema CEO is Stefano Consonni, who declares: “The acquisition by CARCO Precision Rubber Products group allows us to expand our range of action on a commercial level and provides us with the opportunity of synergies with the other companies of the group".



Andrea Chalp, President of CARCO Precision Rubber Products Group comments: "The long-awaited acquisition of Novotema is part of a strategic expansion of our group which has started for some years ago and which is now giving excellent results."

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