Digitalization and product quality

Written By Roberta Guaschi In Corporate
18 October 2023

Digitalization and product quality are among Novotema’s leitmotifs.

Digitalization and product quality are among Novotema’s leitmotifs.


A new management software, Quarta EVO, provided by Blulink, has been introduced in the company some time ago to manage Quality and Compliance.


Initially we started to use it mainly for complaints management but as far as we are progressing with the digitalization of various company processes, we started to use it also for the quality control along  various phases of production with a specific configuration. Once the system will be fully operative the colleagues in charge of the various phases (from process control to sorting and packaging) will be able to timely check and update data and verify the progress of the product in a simple and efficient way.


The benefits for Novotema are homogeneous data, which are easier to interpret, the automatization of some processes thus implying the reduction of human mistakes, furthermore the information is updated and available in real time.


There are benefits for customer as well, specifically better quality and greater efficiency.


At Novotema we constantly work to provide innovative and high-performance sealing solutions, and we also try to achieve this through the innovation of our processes.

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