A journey through Novotema: the laboratory

Written By Roberta Guaschi In Corporate
19 February 2024

One of our flagships is our laboratory...

One of our flagships is the laboratory: a cutting-edge equipped space, coordinated by extremely qualified staff, able to perform specific tests to meet the most diverse needs.


Novotema laboratory is conceptually part of the Quality department but it is constantly in touch with the other departments in order to offer the best possible service and the most performing products to our customers.


To name only a few among the activities performed in our laboratory we could mention the complete characterization of the materials according to the different specifications, the collaboration with our compounds suppliers for the development of special recipes, the preparation and release of data sheets and technical reports, the control of each single batch of incoming materials to ensure constant performance,  the performance of leak tests on the finished product if requested by the customer, the assistance to customers in case they need to change materials, both to solve problems and to improve performance …. To make it short, a wide range of services is fully available to our customers.


The technical equipment of our laboratory includes instrumentation for compression set and aging tests, hardness testers for shore A and mIRHD tests (microhardness), equipment for chemical attack resistance analysis (swelling in contact with aggressive media), a compression press for specimens, universal dynamometer for mechanical and friction tests, instruments for carrying out rheometric tests but also devices for differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetry (TGA).


The long-standing collaboration with the University of Brescia also allows us to access other more specific and advanced tests thanks to special dedicated equipment and techniques available at this research institute.


An organized and equipped laboratory in constant coordination with our technical department fully available to our customers. Saying that our sealing solutions are inspired by science is not just a slogan.

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